Values and Ethos

We have 3 values that express our shared understanding of what we believe, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be.

  • EXCELLENCE: Doing everything as well as we can, always.
  • NO EXCUSES: Believing that anything is possible, we never give up.
  • UNITY: Working together towards our goals, with integrity.

At Mossbourne Parkside Academy we believe anything is possible with the right attitude. We believe in the freedom to learn creatively in a calm, safe environment – and we believe every child can succeed.


A warm welcome to Mossbourne Parkside Academy.

Children get one chance with their education and, at Mossbourne Parkside Academy, we want this to be the very best!

There is a driving determination to ensure that every pupil in the school reaches their full potential.  Our Academy is fortunate enough to be part of the Mossbourne Federation. It is my intention, and that of the leadership team, to create a beacon of primary education with a consistent and forward-thinking approach.

The whole Academy is incredibly passionate about ensuring that our pupils are nurtured in the belief and determination that all perceived ‘barriers’ to learning can be eliminated and that there really are ‘no excuses’. Every child is capable of achieving a high academic standard and, in turn, becoming the future upstanding members of our local community.

Mossbourne Parkside Academy is a happy, stimulating and caring place and staff expect high standards of behaviour and good manners throughout the school. Our teaching staff also recognise that each of our learners is unique. Teachers rigorously track children’s attendance and development in order to ensure that all of our learners achieve their potential.

I would be pleased to arrange a tour of the Academy for you, in order to feel the friendly atmosphere here, give you the opportunity to meet my staff and see the children as they work and play together. Please phone or e-mail for an appointment to visit at

Ms Jane Sames

Acting Principal

Mission Statement

Mossbourne Parkside Academy creates well-rounded individuals. All learners, regardless of ability, benefit from the innovative and enlightened approaches to teaching and learning within the Academy.

The Mossbourne Federation has raised educational achievement to the very highest levels. Working in the local community and within a strong partnership of Hackney schools, Mossbourne Parkside Academy raises aspirations, expectations and achievement for all pupils and continues to contribute to the development of educational excellence in Hackney.