Our Curriculum’s Impact 

Our curriculum ensures pupils make the enduring connections that foster understanding, and we believe that ‘if nothing in the long-term memory has been altered nothing has been learnt’ (Research Ed, 2018). We assess the impact of our curriculum via assessments. Summative assessments are used to assess if pupils know more, remember more and are able to do more, and take the form of teacher assessments and/or a formal test. These are used by subject and senior leaders to triangulate pupil progress and identify trends within cohorts, especially for disadvantaged and SEND pupils. 


Through our ever-expanding, extensive extra-curricular programme, MPA pupils take advantage of an extensive and fully inclusive range of opportunities which enrich and expand their learning. At MPA, pupils develop as involved and informed citizens through their exploration and development of new skills and interests which enhance their resilience, life chances and lifelong love of learning. 


Academic Outcomes

MPA’s KS2 SATs results and Performance Data can be found on the Government’s School & Colleges Performance Data website.

National EYFS GLD7172TBC
MPA Phonics Pass (Y1)658183
National Phonics Pass858282
MPA Reading (Exp/GD)73/1774/1077/7
National Reading (Exp/GD)76/2575/2675/25
MPA Maths (Exp/GD)70/867/965/7
National Maths (Exp/GD)75/2176/2276/22
MPA Writing (Exp/GD)60/1062/563/2
National Writing (Exp/GD)68/1670/1669/15
MPA Reading Progress-3.90.0-3.5
MPA Reading (Exp/GD)62/1766/1252/7
National Reading (Exp/GD)72/2575/2873/27
MPA Maths Progress-1.00.0-0.4
MPA Maths (Exp/GD)70/2076/867/20
National Maths (Exp/GD)75/2376/2479/27
MPA Writing Progress-0.8-0.01.5
MPA Writing (Exp/GD)75/1870/1980/17
National Writing (Exp/GD)76/1878/2078/20
MPA Combined53/1059/242/3
National Combined61/964/1065/11