About Your Catering Service

The school meal catering service at Mossbourne Parkside Academy is provided by TnS Catering Management, an award winning company founded in 2003.

The TnS culture promises

  • The ability to provide excellent support both locally and nationally
  • To produce locally sourced food as close to service time as possible
  • To provide an environment in which all out employees develop to their full potential
  • To always deliver on our promises, to offer our clients a catering service which is based on trust and partnership

Working in Partnership with Mossbourne Parkside Academy

The TnS team works closely with Mossbourne Parkside Academy to engage and involve pupils and staff to continuously develop the food service and create menus that satisfy the tastes and requirements of the school population.

We run a programme of events throughout the year to help create additional interest and to introduce students to new ingredients and different types of foods. Whenever possible, we link our menus to the school’s curriculum.

Providing Healthy School Meals

A healthy diet is particularly important to growing children and young people. It can not only have an effect on their physical development, but on their performance in the classroom.

TnS is committed to providing balanced meals that meet nutritional standards, made from locally sourced ingredients, and to helping to educate pupils on how to make healthier food choices.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Hearing your thoughts on our catering service is an essential part of getting things right and developing the food service at Mossbourne Parkside Academy. Please feel free to speak to our catering manager at the school if you have any comments.