A real inspiration to host Veena and Melanie from @GoldmanSachs today, talking to our girls about tech careers and… https://t.co/Q5VIksit83
@mrizvi27 Happy 2018! Looking forward to seeing all our pupils on Thursday, January 4th. Let's get started on the Spring term!
We hope you are enjoying your holiday, but if KS2 are looking for some maths challenges check these out: https://t.co/MNr28PYdgH
From art-afternoons to award assemblies, from phonics to fundraisers, workshops to winter fairs, progress prizes to… https://t.co/kurvKYSO6z
Looking forward to presenting awards for some amazing progress this term https://t.co/BKd9obH6mS
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What’s loud, fun and full of puns? Hint: it’s behiiiiind yooouuu! Key stage two are loving the annual pantomime at… https://t.co/bvkXdwhWb0
And we’re off! https://t.co/Ul8v4kNoCm
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Our EYFS performance is just about to start https://t.co/5dv5IIOE3g
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@vnb4eva Our apologies for the mis-print! Year 2 will be performing in the Phase 1 concert, on the morning of Tuesd… https://t.co/ovaeFEKpz6
A HUGE thank you to our amazing Families and Staff Association, the outrageously talented MCA Musicians, and of cou… https://t.co/0UgjOpOWLQ
@Me_JennyWatson Always good to have you here Ms Watson. Thank you for all your support - you get a big ‘2 after 3’ from us!
RT @Me_JennyWatson: Great to spend some time in @MPAmossbourne this morning. Loved the Celebration Assembly and this artwork from year 3 le…
Inspiring words from our visiting scientists today, Dr Aubdool from @QMUL and Dr Duffy from @ucl , on careers, pass… https://t.co/FMG6Qdh1YL
Year 1&2 are excited and ready for Cinderella to start @HackneyEmpire https://t.co/srEA2chalr
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Excellent assemblies and workshops from the dedicated staff at the @NSPCC today: both inspiring and relatable. Than… https://t.co/bqSS7ZvEfJ
A huge thank you to all Year 1 Dads and @dadzone members who attended our reading session today to work with their… https://t.co/fQpaiZqynn
T’is the season to be... bringing in your ridiculously cool giant snowman model that you made as part of your homew… https://t.co/cXNsMUhEOd
Longships, Viking courts and ancient fortune telling with Year 6 today. An outrageously entertaining session with T… https://t.co/5qoJoK3vaY
Passionate about education? Interested in becoming a teacher? Applications are open for the New Wave School Direct… https://t.co/WRmksNNp8z
RT @MathsMastery: 'Can you make a rectangle with one cut (and some rearranging)?' A lovely geometry puzzle from @preshtalwalkar https://t…
The festive season is hereby announced by the arrival of Meghan’s amazing homework. ‘Frosty’ is now guarding our of… https://t.co/mor1e7rStA
MPA staff try out some new interactive technology before the students have a go. Way too much fun @nowpressplay https://t.co/EKhwmfmU3c
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@LexiaLearning And today it’s the turn of year 1! #everydayisalexiaday https://t.co/7lpnmdLFNr
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Year 6 working hard on their #reading using @LexiaLearning for an after school booster. #learningneverstops https://t.co/hTGDnvWuI6
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Year 4 loved their Romans workshop this afternoon, some of the children even got to dress up! https://t.co/ycPEUl4sNw
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Want to provide us feedback? Speak to our senior team in the playground each day, or you can feedback online here: https://t.co/5jmshTcOGL
@vnb4eva It absolutely is! Look out for details of our fundraising challenge in your MPA newsletter today. We’re lo… https://t.co/7GEVx9AZAq
Sunsets, silhouettes and stencils for our first ‘Learning Together’ afternoon in Year 2. A huge thank you to our am… https://t.co/SKPbejwSyl
Year 4 getting stuck into Roman Role-Play with @nowpressplay today. An inspiring demonstration of excitement for le… https://t.co/AXwqUvdznJ
Very excited to see this in action this afternoon ⬇️ https://t.co/Xas4HSggYe
RT @hackneysuccess: Want to learn English in Hackney? Visit the ESOL Advice Service at Woodberry Down Children's Centre, N4 2NP, Wednesdays…
And the homework keeps rolling in... #alwayslearning #animals https://t.co/HKoucQjcpe
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MPA is now a proud member of the Safer Internet Day supporters list! Find out more @UK_SIC https://t.co/CchwGv0pKrhttps://t.co/YJUBnN6ueD
Tune in to see today’s @lordmayors_show with @GrocersCompany spice trade floats. Students from @MCAmossbourne and… https://t.co/yEhS5gWfLx
RT @MCAmossbourne: Preparations for today’s @lordmayors_show underway with @GrocersCompany spice trade floats being set up. Students from @
RT @GrocersCompany: Rehearsals for @lordmayors_show are in full swing at Grocers' Hall with @oundleschool and @MPAmossbourne, led by @EEALo
RT @citylordmayor: Delighted to be getting down to work in my year as Lord Mayor of London - plenty to do but I trust my team will help me…
Front row seats for the Presentation of Addresses Ceremony https://t.co/yWsXx28H1L
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Proud to be attending the Admission of The Lord Mayor Elect at the Guildhall
@NatGeoEducation Thank you @natgeoeducation! We're so proud of Noah and his Herculean homework efforts. We're big f… https://t.co/5q0qNqG0lI
Are you a budding monster-slayer? An ancient Legend looking to pummel a giant serpent? Perhaps you'd just like to b… https://t.co/PoORTM4d7C
Cracking Year 6 script and video exploring the British class system. Take a bow! https://t.co/TlZjCgPBAX
World War II letters from boarding school children, as imagined by Year 6 MPA students. Beautifully crafted! https://t.co/pMMNQ6XwNY
Lots of happy faces in Reception today, trying out our brand new maths resources. Look at our mini-mathematicians l… https://t.co/sbvrvexhAe
After awarding more than 5500 house points this term we are looking to see which house is going to be the winner, i… https://t.co/1AguB3v14X
@Me_JennyWatson Excellent to have you in school today Ms Watson. We agree - our children are amazing. Looking forwa… https://t.co/OeHKjesRJd
RT @Me_JennyWatson: School governor day today. Great to see children working so hard on maths @MPAmossbourne - and some lovely homework pro…
It’s great to be able to display homework and messages on the @trilbytv screens around the Academy https://t.co/KQGHtclQdM
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Curious about phonics? Want to support your child in maths? Fancy knowing a little more about how your child learns… https://t.co/r1zXPTaXBp
Inspiring as always - Mr Dimchekie on how to support writing at home. Fantastic to see so many of our wonderful fam… https://t.co/oirhtM8Cvq
It's finally here... photo day at MPA! Hair brushed, shoes shined, and teachers wearing suspiciously fancy ties - l… https://t.co/1BQoHsU0zt
How to support your child’s writing at home. Workshop @ MPA, 9am this Friday morning. If you can’t make it, the boo… https://t.co/QjcQUUWydw
It’s Libraries Week. Thank you to our young librarians for making our reading spaces so inviting! https://t.co/rgW6WgZAo1
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An amazing service from our local libraries - rent a set of toys, then return them when you've finished playing! (A… https://t.co/pNzhmgIjiX
It's authentic, it's fresh off the press, it's...a slightly odd shade of purple. In this week's newsletter, read ab… https://t.co/tzcq3G2BTv
Another great parent workshop. This week it’s all about Phonics and RWI @RuthMiskinEdu https://t.co/DSQgi9cN4c
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Amazing creativity mixed with hard work; the homework projects our pupils bring in are simply astonishing. We're so… https://t.co/ppEN6Q45Xp
Discovered this little beauty in our garden this morning! #fredtalk https://t.co/XCyBb89dhs
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@chrispylang We are looking forward to including it in a display of home learning in our corridors
Seeing great home learning coming into school! https://t.co/jnXDe4UQuW
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Our Lunchtime Helper aprons have arrived! https://t.co/8seotBfRtZ
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What's blue, new and written for you? Another excellent week, another MPA newsletter to celebrate our amazing child… https://t.co/VdMRuPrFQB
Our pupils are future leaders and changers, scientists and athletes, thinkers and creators. We can't wait to see th… https://t.co/k0V2fbnozC
Lots of learning after school today with our @LexiaLearning phonics group in the IT suite. #phonicshttps://t.co/D5eaS3G549
Can you guess what story our Reception class has been enjoying? #lifelongreaders #readingforpleasure https://t.co/o761RUIPFf
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London Fashion Week may be coming to a close... but Mossbourne Art Week has only just started! #InnovationGeneration #MossbourneMondays
Celebrating our first VIP table of the year, rewarding excellent behaviour during our lunchtime with table service.… https://t.co/TWBAXRdhWe
Looking forward to talking about our school's exciting future our Parents' Coffee morning tomorrow, at 9am. Flapjacks provided!
RT @MCAmossbourne: MCA's @openhouselondon Sat 16 Sept 10-12.15 - free student-led tours on history & iconic design of one of largest timber…
Read all about it! News, celebrations, fantastic learning and more in our first Mossbournian Bulletin today.… https://t.co/3OzUS2Bmlh
Outstanding training from @ruthmiskinedu today. Every day is Read Write Inc day! #everychildareader https://t.co/nDUNyWfjTv
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Hearing lots of positive feedback from our children about our refurbished toilets! https://t.co/WFtN0AnEKj
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Looking forward to our first @MPA_FSA meeting on Wednesday at 9am, with our wonderfully supportive parents. Let's get planning!
Happy start of term! We're looking forward to having our amazing children back for another year of outstanding lear… https://t.co/88pcb554ag
RT @SheelsEd: We've spent the last few days at @MPAmossbourne working on their #KS2 #library! Here are some pictures...New #books coming so…
Celebrating children with perfect attendance and behaviour... over 120 children - Congratulations 🍕 💯 https://t.co/fSRvjGXk1v
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Our EYFS and KS1 performance will be starting very soon! 🎶
Not long now until the curtain rises on our Year 6 production
Now long now until it's the turn of Phase 2... #sportsday
Phase 1 are now in full flow 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏼 https://t.co/e4oEQCJCi0
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Getting ready for Sports day https://t.co/5gQEoJKGb8
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PGL Update: Today we did the giant swing & Trapeze. Tonight we are getting ready to party at our PGL party! See you tomorrow about 5pm
PGL Update: Yesterday we built rafts, went Quad biking and had a robot wars... We're excited to see what today holds :)
PGL update (2/2): This morning we are canoeing and abseiling! Hope our parents aren't missing us too much!
PGL update (1/2): Everyone had a good sleep and filled up on a hearty breakfast to prepare for a fun and action-packed day of activities.
Having a great time learning about water and the world with a visitor from the Port of London https://t.co/fClYwC2Wyr
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Look what happened to the flower in our Year 3 experiment this week! https://t.co/oEAX3gTZTg
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
RT @MCAmossbourne: For the first time we are joined by one of our primary schools - @MPAmossbourne singing a Marley classic - One Love http…
The crowd loved @MPAmossbourne 's Parkside Strummers at the @mossbourne Summer Concert!
@Freshwater_TIE have just arrived to work with Year 3... We're very excited!
RT @MPA_FSA: Woop! Our CAKE SALE is today at 3.30 @MPAmossbourne Lots of cupcakes and... ice lollies too! 😎🍰🍦 #hackney #cakesale
Very proud that 2M are currently lying 12th overall in the national @sumdog competition!
RT @KaraLorrlina: @MPAmossbourne Taner from 2M really loved his math lesson with best teacher Miss Crawley she makes it fun.
Parents: please complete the @MPA_FSA school lunch survey by following this link: https://t.co/VrVrcxtyfQ It will be open until 12th May
Parents: please complete the  @MPA_FSA school lunch survey by following this link: https://t.co/l882DQ4tG1 It will be open until 12th May
If you didn't catch them earlier on today - have a look at some of the great homework our Year 6 produced after rea… https://t.co/PxYfZzxVdU
Look how many Pupil of the Week badges Amaan how now after winning his Diamond badge this afternoon! We are very pr… https://t.co/DGtr4lMEaj
The winning class of the 100% cake this week is... 6B! Congratulations, we'll deliver you a freshly baked cake after the bank holiday
Gabrielle showed of her Lord of the flies homework project this week after carefully transporting it to school https://t.co/lxMckWu1Ly
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Parents: please complete the  @MPA_FSA school lunch survey by following this link: https://t.co/q3OQPteECL It will be open until 12th May
Another 100% cake will be delivered again - the lucky class will be announce in our celebration assembly
Great Lord of the flies homework from Tahiyah this Easter https://t.co/TAveuCvm00
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Parents: please complete the @MPA_FSA school lunch survey by following this link: https://t.co/DATeKfOGGa It will be open until 12th May