Looking to get your heart rate up over the break? Hackney are offering Family Fitness classes this summer, for just… https://t.co/mbfHskUozr
Stunning Year 6 musical? Check. Summer concert with newly written songs, instrumental performances and sing-along n… https://t.co/HkiAk5ARib
He did so well! Great job Jaylan - competing hard and looking sharp while doing it. https://t.co/IerH786ySn
MPA sports day 2018! The sky was blue, the races hotly contested, and our children amazing as ever in their effort… https://t.co/AkGZceoaOe
A profound and expertly delivered morning at the @kinsellatrust , on making positive choices. Proud as always of ou… https://t.co/nC4D1HRbdn
Sun is shining, weather is sweet, get those bikes on to the street! Ready for #bikearoundtheborough on Thursday.… https://t.co/qk7c2edq55
@Melmia86 For Mia and rest of the lovely Phase 1, it’ll be the afternoon: 1pm until 3pm. Thoroughly looking forward… https://t.co/MHCsivbZ8o
Thanks to the steel band from ⁦@MCAmossbourne⁩ for supporting our #Windrush70 event https://t.co/iyYFLI5nLl
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Our #windrush70 celebrations are in full force: 1st hand accounts, poetry and games are all part of the festivities
A wonderful assembly from 2M this week, on the power of recycling and reusable energy. Whether from the acting, ora… https://t.co/7hv6TxWi3c
RT @MCAmossbourne: It’s that time of year - an amazing showcase of hundreds of Mossbourne music students performing music from Strauss to T…
RT @MCAmossbourne: THANK YOU to donors & trekkers that walked the Strandja, Bulgaria! Money funds extra music projects in our 4 schools.…
RT @Me_JennyWatson: Today’s visit to @MPAmossbourne all about maths. Great to see children explaining their learning with confidence #talkl
RT @Melmia86: @MPAmossbourne Was lovely! To come from a hectic work day to this wonderful performance- they definitely brightened my day! W…
@Dawnegan11 Weren’t they amazing? Well done Kaishiya, you were brilliant!
3B sing, present and act out their learning on Mayan maths, temples and ritual sacrifice... and it was awesome! Tha… https://t.co/P6nJroCffh
M-A-Y-A-N, we are Mayan school children! Mayan pyramids, games arenas and information sheets, all made at home! Yea… https://t.co/2vfOouz8w1
@SchoolSouthwold Awesome!
A quick reminder to our Year 5 parents to drop in to our information session at 15:45 tomorrow, all about Life in Y… https://t.co/4f7U0oy8TH
A little feedback from the Hackney Museum on our Year 6 children yesterday: ‘I meet a lot of lovely classes in Hack… https://t.co/4JeHT9yRr8
A huge thank you to @TeachFirst for hosting our Year 6 children at their HQ this week. We thoroughly enjoyed develo… https://t.co/XjNnbPHCap
@LottieStory We certainly are! Watch this space for dates, times and details.
Spot the Difference Competition! One is Reception writing from early October, and one of them is the same child’s w… https://t.co/UnaCa5n7n7
Multi-coloured turrets? Royal couple in regalia?!! WORKING DRAWBRIDGE?!?!? We think Harry and Meghan picked the wro… https://t.co/YRhB0wyF9X
@Melmia86 So glad you could make it! You’re right - MPA kids are just amazing. #niceflagMia
@Dawnegan11 What an amazing dress! Kaishiya - you are brilliant. Have an excellent day in the sun!
@Jade_Taps Such a trooper! Congrats on an awesome week Jaylan, you deserve an amazing weekend.
What’s blue, white and red all over? Royal Wedding celebrations in full swing at MPA today. Can you feel the joy?… https://t.co/qZ9yI2oVpS
Congratulations Year 6 💪💪💪. The courage and perseverance you’ve shown this week can’t be measured by tests - we’re… https://t.co/0XEZDf4whN
@Melmia86 So glad she had fun! Definitely a future Olympian in the making. https://t.co/zx3EBMvETl
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Ahh Reception - always horsing around. #earlyhorseplay https://t.co/R3XcJjDOZj
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
ROYAL WEDDING PARTY! We’ll be writing about Harry and Meghan’s wedding next week... and celebrating with a party on… https://t.co/jCons1rHDo
Simply astonishing performance from 4B today, educating parents and children alike through song, drama and full-blo… https://t.co/vKbu6nWA5v
@Me_JennyWatson @ICReferendums Happy to oblige! https://t.co/4zlA1Mgys7
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
In need of a brain boost after the bank holiday? Try this MPA Year 6 maths challenge! Answers in replies please!… https://t.co/f9x9tnGEJR
The final day of art week, and the school is alive with creativity. Portraits, pyramids and icons of change in soci… https://t.co/dyE3sxIjf8
Who doesn’t have a 30-person Samba band on their roof? Year 5 feel the rhythm in our new ten week Samba programme,… https://t.co/MZZ3MB0Kvx
Our 1B performance is about to start... can you guess the theme? #starsoftheshow https://t.co/ubdTK9YiWi
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Day 1 of Art Week, inspired by @peterhreynolds wonderful book, ‘The Dot’. Today, we explored different styles of po… https://t.co/agkl9hALlN
Roll up, roll up! It’s 5M’s performance assembly tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see what they’re presenting for us.… https://t.co/aypKo21mZa
Blue skies, wide smiles, rocking the rafting building with your teammates through hands-on hard work. Not bad for a… https://t.co/P4brL8ssaz
Year5 have arrived safely @KenchHillCentre and are busy taking the tour and choosing bunks!
Don’t forget to check your parents’ evening time slots, now up in the office. #learningtogether
@vnb4eva So glad she’s enjoying it! Her projects are always astonishingly creative - we can’t wait to hear the song!
Smiles all round! Sharing stories and making memories at our nursery workshop this week. Amazing to see both parent… https://t.co/jv7Kg41WRy
We’re just one week away from the Homework awards, and some of us are clearly in it to win it. #explosivehomeworkhttps://t.co/WzghOD7tW2
🎉Come one, come all! 🎉Parents’ evening now just a week away. Tuesday and Wednesday evening 3:50pm - 6:00pm. Hand in… https://t.co/OqdElZAhSc
Learning Together in Year 5! Thank you to all our wonderful parents and carers who joined us for our geography skil… https://t.co/wq2eulYcZA
Celebrating British Science week in style with flames and fireworks in Year 5 this week. What colour flame does mag… https://t.co/4rKaZqLwfZ
Looking forward to hosting our Year 5 parents tomorrow for our Learning Together Afternoon. We hope you’re excited… https://t.co/4vM2jyA7x0
🔥Warning: Heated Mathematical Debate!🔥 5M have a question for you. ‘Does a square have ‘pairs’ of parallel lines, a… https://t.co/m1ESmekAe5
@Melmia86 You rock Mia, and so does your project. Awesome sandy-snakey-deserty brilliance. It looks great outside Year 3!
@Melmia86 So glad she’s enjoying it! We’ve been so impressed with her creations this year - can’t wait to see the n… https://t.co/a3rTPoy8CQ
A very merry International Women’s day to all! Our IWD writing competition is now open, calling for letters to the… https://t.co/VxyHPuxauj
The eggs have hatched, and we’ve got some fluffy new friends in our Reception classes. Cheep cheep!… https://t.co/zzWKv9NWCP
Coming live from MPA, this week’s citizenship medal winnerrrrrrrssss!!! Congratulations on being recognised for you… https://t.co/XNNyt1xRny
Amid the snowdrifts and arctic winds, this week's newsletter comes to you warm from the press. World Book Day, visi… https://t.co/uO398az2zu
RT @Melmia86: @MPAmossbourne the kids looked great! And the teachers too, despite the weather! it's good to see everyone involved! Mpa roc…
We love World Book Day! The costumes were awesome, and we loved discovering new books to read, as well as sharing o… https://t.co/5UPMX9aBSX
We’ve just found this old photo of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Wonder if they won the cup that year? @JKRowlingss https://t.co/Mai8pylmpn
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Year 6 taking a well earned break between Maths and English today. Can you feel the fun? https://t.co/0UM8aMPD4j
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
I for icicle? https://t.co/KSSyZrS7B3
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
The view from the top of Everest this morning (or at least the Everest Room at MPA). It’s white, it’s frosty, it’s.… https://t.co/kWJOhz24AX
Exploring the world around us became a polar expedition this afternoon, as Reception became arctic adventurers!… https://t.co/xgoUnLuidk
An awards assembly with a difference - an amazing performance from the @StPaulsLondon choir. A choral concert befor… https://t.co/A5AyICY77i
RT @tom_daggett: This morning I'm taking singers from @StPaulsChoir into @MPAmossbourne #Hackney. Batten, Stanford, Cecilia McDowall, Weelk…
Year 5&6 sing it loud and proud with Choirmaster @tom_daggett in an afternoon of choral music. Awesome to behold.… https://t.co/YkUZDvMrJH
Parkside students warming up for a choir lesson with Tom Daggett of St Paul’s cathedral. Bring the noise!
RT @tom_daggett: Ready for an afternoon of music with Y3/4 @MPAmossbourne #Hackney - leading to performance of @FridayPMs rep. This week, t…
Football in the spring sunshine today with the inaugural MPA vs MRA Year 2 cup. Congratulations to MRA on winning w… https://t.co/diQSQwSZhs
@HackneyTalk ThankYOU! Our children had an awesome time.
Get warming up @MRAmossbourne our year 2 football team is coming...
Our Year 6s pairing with their Nursery siblings in reading-mentor time today. #ohanameansfamily https://t.co/8uwSFgdsxS
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Amazing progress at our Launchpad for Language workshop for parents today. Great to have so many of our wonderful f… https://t.co/brFaTUimaM
A real inspiration to host Veena and Melanie from @GoldmanSachs today, talking to our girls about tech careers and… https://t.co/Q5VIksit83
@mrizvi27 Happy 2018! Looking forward to seeing all our pupils on Thursday, January 4th. Let's get started on the Spring term!
We hope you are enjoying your holiday, but if KS2 are looking for some maths challenges check these out: https://t.co/MNr28PYdgH
From art-afternoons to award assemblies, from phonics to fundraisers, workshops to winter fairs, progress prizes to… https://t.co/kurvKYSO6z
Looking forward to presenting awards for some amazing progress this term https://t.co/BKd9obH6mS
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
What’s loud, fun and full of puns? Hint: it’s behiiiiind yooouuu! Key stage two are loving the annual pantomime at… https://t.co/bvkXdwhWb0
And we’re off! https://t.co/Ul8v4kNoCm
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Our EYFS performance is just about to start https://t.co/5dv5IIOE3g
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
@vnb4eva Our apologies for the mis-print! Year 2 will be performing in the Phase 1 concert, on the morning of Tuesd… https://t.co/ovaeFEKpz6
A HUGE thank you to our amazing Families and Staff Association, the outrageously talented MCA Musicians, and of cou… https://t.co/0UgjOpOWLQ
@Me_JennyWatson Always good to have you here Ms Watson. Thank you for all your support - you get a big ‘2 after 3’ from us!
RT @Me_JennyWatson: Great to spend some time in @MPAmossbourne this morning. Loved the Celebration Assembly and this artwork from year 3 le…
Inspiring words from our visiting scientists today, Dr Aubdool from @QMUL and Dr Duffy from @ucl , on careers, pass… https://t.co/FMG6Qdh1YL
Year 1&2 are excited and ready for Cinderella to start @HackneyEmpire https://t.co/srEA2chalr
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Excellent assemblies and workshops from the dedicated staff at the @NSPCC today: both inspiring and relatable. Than… https://t.co/bqSS7ZvEfJ
A huge thank you to all Year 1 Dads and @dadzone members who attended our reading session today to work with their… https://t.co/fQpaiZqynn
T’is the season to be... bringing in your ridiculously cool giant snowman model that you made as part of your homew… https://t.co/cXNsMUhEOd
Longships, Viking courts and ancient fortune telling with Year 6 today. An outrageously entertaining session with T… https://t.co/5qoJoK3vaY
Passionate about education? Interested in becoming a teacher? Applications are open for the New Wave School Direct… https://t.co/WRmksNNp8z
RT @MathsMastery: 'Can you make a rectangle with one cut (and some rearranging)?' A lovely geometry puzzle from @preshtalwalkar https://t…
The festive season is hereby announced by the arrival of Meghan’s amazing homework. ‘Frosty’ is now guarding our of… https://t.co/mor1e7rStA
MPA staff try out some new interactive technology before the students have a go. Way too much fun @nowpressplay https://t.co/EKhwmfmU3c
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
@LexiaLearning And today it’s the turn of year 1! #everydayisalexiaday https://t.co/7lpnmdLFNr
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Year 6 working hard on their #reading using @LexiaLearning for an after school booster. #learningneverstops https://t.co/hTGDnvWuI6
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Year 4 loved their Romans workshop this afternoon, some of the children even got to dress up! https://t.co/ycPEUl4sNw
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Want to provide us feedback? Speak to our senior team in the playground each day, or you can feedback online here: https://t.co/5jmshTcOGL
@vnb4eva It absolutely is! Look out for details of our fundraising challenge in your MPA newsletter today. We’re lo… https://t.co/7GEVx9AZAq
Sunsets, silhouettes and stencils for our first ‘Learning Together’ afternoon in Year 2. A huge thank you to our am… https://t.co/SKPbejwSyl