English and Literacy

Read Write Inc: a complete literacy programme taught in Reception and KS1 

Read Write Inc fosters a love of reading through a systematic approach to the teaching of early reading skills. This includes the teaching of synthetic phonics through specially designed texts, the teaching of decoding alongside the development of reading comprehension and the development of writing skills through phonic knowledge. 

Further information can be found at www.ruthmiskin.com 

Destination Reader: a structured whole class approach to teaching reading taught from Year 2 – 6 

love for reading is fostered across the academy through diverse and inspiring lessons that promote a love for books. Pupils are encouraged to understand the value of strong communication and the importance of reading in all aspects of their futures. Pupils read for 25 minutes a day to develop their stamina and to increase their reading mileage, whilst participating in discussion about the text. Lessons focus on developing comprehension skills by teaching pupils to use key strategies to understand texts 

Read Write Inc Fresh Start: for KS2 readers struggling with decoding 

The programme uses a systematic approach to synthetic phonics, with specially designed texts to suit older readers with a lower reading age. Pupils are taught to decode words fluently and to develop their comprehension skills. Pupils are assessed at least half-termly to ensure support is tailored to need. 

Power of Reading: a whole school literacy programme  

The ‘Power of Reading programme helps pupils to become articulate and confident communicators, in any situation, in preparation for the future. Pupils’ speaking, listening and writing skills are developed through the use of high-quality texts covering a broad range of genres and purpose. Lessons are taught creatively to provide meaningful contexts for pupils’ writing. Individual pupil needs are met through the setting of challenging tasks and provision of appropriate scaffolding 

Daily Supported Reading: Reception to Year 2 (4 days per week, 15 minutes a day)  

To support the lowest attaining pupils to make accelerated progress, this programme, coherently and systematically, builds on our main reading approach (RWI).  Daily Supported Reading’ is led by trained adults who use differentiated lesson guides to assess progression and move pupils on.  To generate an enthusiasm for reading and contextual understandingpupils access a wide range of books where they may practise and apply their decoding and comprehension skills. 

Handwriting: Reception – KS2 

Pupils are taught handwriting for 15 minutes a day at least 2 times a week and develop their writing into a cursive style. Our handwriting progresses through different stages, focusing on: formation, position, size, before pupils learn to join their handwriting using a cursive script, with the aim of ensuring all pupils leave our academy with correctly formed, joined, cursive handwriting.

Read Write Inc Spelling: Years 2 – 6 

Taught for 15 minutes a day, a minimum of 3 times a week, ‘Read Write Inc’ builds on pupils’ understanding of phonics and grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs). The programme develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of root words, suffixes and common exception words through regular directed practice.