What is ‘Pupil Voice’?

“Pupil voice is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils in order to improve their school”


At Mossbourne Parkside Academy, we believe in empowering all of our pupils and Pupil Voice is a proactive way of doing so.

The children meet with myself once a month, where we discuss items that the Head Girl and Head Boy bring to me. The Pupil Voice also has a fortnightly informal meeting run by the Head Girl and Head Boy, who are Year 6 pupils.

Each class has a Pupil Voice folder, which holds the minutes as well as a suggestion sheet for any class member to write down what they think will improve their school.

The children all received a badge from Mr Jackson to show that they are in Pupil Voice, which they wear with pride.

So far we have had suggestions of more lunchtime clubs (which we have implemented), improved toilet facilities for both boys and girls, and more play equipment for the playground & also the classrooms during wet play. The Pupil Voice played an active part in organising the ordering of this equipment.

Mrs Denise Foster


Who are the Pupil Voice?

Head Boy – Kaan (6B)


Head Girl – Connie (6M)


Vice Head Boy – Manish 6M

Vice Head Girl – Lyn 6B


Year 1

Kate 1M    Kayden 1B

Year 2

Berfin 2M    Lamar 2B

Year 3

Anais 3M      Safiy 3B

Year 4

Ilizandra 4M       Tyler 4B

Year 5 

Akila 5M     Amaya 5B

Year 6

Irem 6M      Saqib 6B