School Improvement Plan

Priorities for 2019-20
Priority 1Ensure all pupils in all year groups make consistently strong progress, developing secure knowledge and understanding considering their different starting points.
Success: At the end of each year more children are at, or above, expected or greater depth than started the year. The percentage of children at age expected is a least in line with national figures. Progress at KS2 is in line with national expectations.
Priority 2Increase the effectiveness with which all leaders drive and embed improvements
Success: SIP confirms standards are improving rapidly as a result of effective monitoring and action.
Priority 3Ensure the quality of education for our most disadvantaged* pupils is at least in line with that of non-disadvantaged pupils
Success: SIP confirms the curriculum intent for SEND pupils is increased fluency and independence and that SEND pupils achieve well. The outcomes of disadvantaged pupils are at least in line with non-disadvantaged children, nationally.
Priority 4Ensure the curriculum is understood by all and is effective in meeting the needs of all pupils.
Success: Monitoring and evaluation, by SIP and internally, confirm teachers are planning effective lessons which are matched to the curriculum intent.
Priority 5Ensure all staff support all pupils, especially the most disadvantaged*, to have high levels of self-control and an exceptional commitment to their education.
Success: Monitoring, by SIP and internally, confirms pupils’ have at exceptional commitment to their learning. When pupils’ behaviour falls short of expectation staff take appropriate action. Repeated behaviour infractions are reducing.

MPA SIP 2019_20 Detailed