Phonics and Reading

In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, pupils follow the Read, Write Inc. programme for teaching phonics. This is taught for 15 minutes daily in classes where children are grouped according to their reading ability. The format of the lessons is: introduce new sound, review learning, practice new sounds and apply sounds to reading and writing.


Following on from phonics, pupils follow the Read Write Inc reading programme. Careful monitoring is undertaken to ensure that children move through the levels as quickly as needed.

When pupils reach the end of the RWI programme, they progress onto our Key Stage Two reading approach, Destination Reader. Destination Reader is an approach to reading, created by Hackney schools with the aim to improve pupils comprehension and love of reading. Whilst in their home classes, pupils take part in daily reading sessions for 45 minutes. These sessions involve a whole class focus prior to pupils applying key strategies in their partner and independent work. The key strategies are:

  • Predicting
  • Clarifying
  • Questioning
  • Summarising
  • Inferring
  • Evaluating
  • Making connections

Pupils deepen their understanding of the texts they through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems. All classes have a system for taking home books and children are expected to read daily at home.

For pupils in Key Stage Two, who are not yet fully secure in their ability to read and decode words, we use the RWI Fresh Start intervention. Pupils are grouped by their reading ability and attend smaller intervention classes to help them to catch up, and keep up!