Celebrating Success

At Mossbourne Parkside Academy we love to celebrate the achievements of our hard-working children.

Each Friday we hold a special celebration assembly for the Early Years, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, led by our Phase Leaders.

Pupils of the Week

Each week children are nominated to receive ‘PoW! Certificates’ (Pupil of the Week).  Class teachers select two children from each class who have demonstrated positive values that week, or for stand-out academic or pastoral achievements.  The nominated children not only receive a certificate, but also their next award badge; phase leaders hand out Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum badges to celebrate successes!

Writers of the Week

To celebrate the wonderful work our children create in their lessons, each class teacher selects a ‘writer of the week’ from their class. This award is given for the content, improvement and presentation of children’s written work in any subject. The nominated children receive a certificate during assembly, and their work is celebrated on our ‘Writers of the Week’ display.

Citizenship Medal

One child from each phase group is nominated each week, through discussion by their teachers, to receive the Parkside Citizenship medal. This award is presented to children who have shown exceptional leadership, kindness or bravery that week. The medal winners have their photograph placed on our citizenship display board, and wear their very own medal for the week before presenting it personally to the following week’s winner.

VIP Table

Each week, one child from each class is nominated by their teachers, support staff and midday meals supervisors. The nominated children are treated to a VIP dining experience on Friday, complete with table-service!

Progress Prizes

Each term, we hold a progress assembly for each phase group. Each class teacher nominates one child who has shown excellent progress in their personal character, academic work, or behaviour. The progress prize winner from each receives a brand-new book and certificate, presented by Mrs Sames.

House Team Winners

Finally, we reveal each week which team has managed to take the lead in number of house points awarded!  Each of our children belong to one of four houses: Nelson, Faith, Pinter or Wollstonecraft House (each named after famous Hackney people). Our House Point Monitors count up the number of house points that individual children have earned for their house each week and add it to the running termly tally.  The winning house is awarded the house cup for that week which is collected by the House and Vice House Captains!